How has Royale Organic’s Shilajit changed my work and personal life?


So to tell you more, I have been struggling with insomnia for around a decade now. I used to fall asleep with the utmost hardship with the help of playing nuisance YouTube videos, randomly surfing Facebook, and fiddling with motivational videos. It usually took 1-2 hours to eventually get sleep. Soon in a couple of hours, usually 2-3 hours, I would again wake up and then could never get back to sleep till sunrise.

All expert advice, such as being more active in the gym, exercising much in the morning, eating and drinking plenty of fluids, fruit, and vegan juices, eventually proved to be of no meaningful use for me. Even so, I tried over-the-counter stuff that, too, made no concrete improvements.

You can well imagine who can be more destructive than a person with no satisfactory sleep for years.

Before entering the world of over-the-counter medication, being an orthodox and natural type of body builder, I came across Himalayan Shilajit that I bought on one of my trips to Ladakh in the Indian part of Kashmir in December 2023. A small artisanal counter at Ladakh’s Kushok Bakula Airport had been selling two of its varieties nicely packed in a hand-crafted box, namely Royale Organics Himalayan Shilajit. The salesgirl taught me that it’s a natural substance found in the Himalayas that was formed over centuries of the decomposition of herbs and fossils. The girl hesitantly explained to me its visible effect on boosting testosterone in men and that I was rarely interested in this particular trip, which was more of a spiritual and holistic trip for me as my prime motive to visit the Himalayas was peace, meditation, and calmness.

Last week in March 2024, a little fast-forwarding a few months later, I realized that the results have been really amazing. I felt more energy at the gym, and my treadmill clocked a bit more miles, as such calculations are not hypothetical. A gym person can visibly see the difference between miles and kilometers on his treadmill clock.

But here’s the major thing that I forgot: Hurray! My sleep has gotten better. My wife told me that I was actually sleeping soundly, too, for a longer duration. Although I was waking up very early, having a satisfied sleep is also an achievement at this age of 50.

Once I started reading and surfing more about it, Shilajit, especially sourced from the Sub and Trans Himalayan belts, is a natural fossil and extremely rich in fulvic and humic acids. Both are excellent for stress-free deep sleep and are used even in mood-relaxant medications per se.

Summing-up, I am quite grateful for that Ladakh’s trip of mine and even more thankful to the local salesgirl in Ladakh’s airport who compelled me to take 2 boxes as she allowed me a minor discount on the duo.

Today, notwithstanding an appreciable hike in sexual stamina, and apart from my healthier gut and influx of divine energies in my body, I am enjoying a satisfactory sound sleep that I was deprived of for the past 10–12 years. I am experiencing the same quality of sleep that I used to have in college days after studying or winning a sprint of intra-collegiate swimming.

To collate, I am sharing some takeaways that I have penned down after my personal first-hand experience and also gathering researched information from articles and old libraries in my country, the great United Kingdom.

Royale Organics Shilajit:   Some take-home benefits

  •  Effectively regulates sound sleep patterns
  •  Nourishes the bones, teeth, hair, nails, and skin.
  •  Offers extra energy support, stamina, and endurance.
  •  Effectively supports the reproductive system; Enhance fertility and libido
  •  Regulates blood and circulatory health; hypolipidemic actions
  •  Enhances brain function and may prevent dementia and memory loss.
  •  Popularly famous in Europe to regulate blood sugar levels in diabetics.
  •  Detoxifies heavy metals and inorganic compounds from body
  •  A popular hepatoprotectant(which (naturally protects the liver)
  •  Nourishes kidneys and adrenals; modulates immune function
  •  Anti-anxiety (anxiolytic); Displays effective stress-relieving properties
  •  Balanced mineral and vitamin profile + unique amino acid profile

What to see before buying a Shilajit?

This, all natural nutraceuticals can be purchased in the form of resin, tablet, capsule, powder, or liquid. However, before buying Shilajit, you must know what to look for. Please note the following points:

  • Never purchase Shilajit in its raw, loose, or unpurified state. Many of the local artisanal stores sell in that form, but there are chances of adulteration and mistakes while processing. So always be careful.
  • Never buy an old, batch-dated Shilajit. It must always be ethically processed, suitably bottled, and clearly labeled.
  • Never buy plastic-packed Shialjit. Natural humic and fulvic acids in Shilajit are extremely effective and can cause ‘polymerization’ with plastic cans, which can in turn run Shilajit rancid. Always buy glass-packaged products.
  • Always buy Shilajit from a reputed manufacturer or a branded seller with proper whereabouts and an official website with customer support for verifying the product batch codes, laboratory alanytic reports, and information about the source of the crop.

Precautions While Using Shilajit

It provides a number of health benefits, but it’s important to understand how to use it safely.

  • Avoid consumption during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • Strongly prohibited if you have an immune system-related ailment or disease
  • Do not abruptly start consuming large quantities, start slow
  • Always buy Shilajits that come in glass jars or bottles. High fulvic acid content in plastic jars can cause ‘polymerization’ and adversely react with Shilajit resin, making it rancid.
  • Do not buy unlabeled Shilajit from local vendors. Always purchase Shilajit from reputed manufacturers who have clearly displayed nutritional information, source of crop, processing methodology, and expiration date on the labels.

Recommendations & Gratitude to the makers

Himalayan Shilajit is a potent and extremely safe dietary supplement that can combat a number of lifestyle ailments. Its primary use in medicine stems from its ability to improve memory and, possibly, serve as a dietary supplement for those who have Alzheimer’s disease.

Royale Organics Himalayan Shilajit that I myself experienced as a game changer, contains ingredients that make it an excellent choice for enhancing ones body’s immunity. Wherever it comes from, whatever it has, in simple words it easens up stress and anxiety. Its contribution in improving quality of my life is incredible and I am totally indebted to the manufacturers.

Consider utilizing the Royale Organics Himalayan Shilajit in your daily routine to enjoy its benefits each day! Whether you are a student, a teen, a professional or a couple, trust me, it works!

Steve R Bischoff

Strategic Banker (Planning),

European Investment Bank (PH II)

2-6 Rue Albert Wehrer, 2719 Kirchberg


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