Shilajit: A 100% natural remedy for Anxiety, Depression & Work-Stress

Shilajit- A 100% natural remedy for Anxiety

1. Himalayan Shilajit is a blissful composition of elements that display the best anxiolytic and anti-stress effects.

2. History reveals that Shilajit as a robust adaptogen has always played an important role in the treatment of depression, sadness, and unhappiness amongst inhabitants during snow-covered months in remote Himalayan villages.

3. As per modern Ayurvedic courses, the Vata and pitta doshas in the body are stimulated with a systematic consumption of Shilajit, thereby correcting all the chakras naturally

4. Himalayan Shilajit consists of several significant ingredients which keep the serotonin level under control and prove helpful in overpowering symptoms of anxiety such as nervousness, unnecessary tension, and irritability.

5. More importantly pure Shilajit is a 100% no-pill natural and herbal therapy having no side effects on human health like other steroid pills & nutraceuticals readily available in the markets

6. Shilajit as a natural herb is known to balance our dopamine hormones naturally to make us happy.

7. Layers of Shilajit are naturally curated with fulvic acid, humic acid, uronic acid, amino acid, and phenolic glycosides that are well known to help with the treatment of depression

8. Accurate Shilajit dosage plays a crucial role in soothing mind by boosting the parasympathetic activity of the brain

9. Studies reveal that the Shilajit dose in the study of mice boosts up levels of Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) which is identified as the harmonious and chemical neurotransmitter in the brain. GABA causes of reducing overburden on the brain resulting in a reduction of depression and overcoming anxiety disorder and panic attacks.

10. It is well-known that Himalayan Shilajit has minerals such as zinc that are considered to combat depression to some extent.

11. Shilajit also helps relax the body muscles especially those of the cardiovascular system and further results in an effective decrease in everyday stress for office goers, corporate lifestyle & working women.

12. It is thought to effectively increase the production of serotonin, a specialized hormone that helps regulate mood swings. In addition, Shilajit has been discovered to help balance hormones that can reduce anxiety and stress, especially in working women.

13. When taken in a systematic manner, Shilajit has the potential to promote better sleep. This is due to its calming properties and its ability to promote uninterrupted and restorative slumber, experiencing a quality deep, that allows your body and mind to rejuvenate fully. Himalayan Shilajit’s contribution in promoting a ‘no-pill culture’ is tremendous.

14. One incredible benefit of Shilajit in today’s urban world is its ability to improve cognitive function and mental clarity for multi-taskers. A complex blend of excellent quality anti-oxidants, multi-minerals & rare resins, Shilajit may offer cognitive-enhancing qualities that could help the brain with pinpoint focus, enhanced memory, superior concentration & mental clarity.

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