Shilajit: A Wonder Herb

Shilajit A Wonder Hub

Vital points that reinstate that Pure Shilajit if consumed in a guided systematic manner may add-on incredible benefits to one’s health & meaningful longevity to the lifespan. Some of them are elaborated as under:-

  1. Strength, Power & Vitality
  2. Memory & Brain Health
  3. Overall Body immunity
  4. May prevent Anemia & deficiency
  5. Youthfulness & Anti-ageing
  6. Increased Testosterone
  7. Fertility amongst Men-Women
  8. Optimum Heart & Metabolism

What exactly is Shilajit?  Where is it found?

Pure shilajit is quite difficult to find these days. Simply because it is a very rare commodity that can neither be cultivated nor can be produced in laboratories. Natural Shilajit is an evidence-based natural supplement recognized by Ancient Ayurveda & Modern science as well. Also known as Mineral Pitch in England, is the talk of the town especially when discussions revolve around the enhancement of sexual stamina & libido in men. Nowadays various organizations have established its incredible benefits for Women’s health mechanisms as well.

It resembles coal-tar-like resin residue, that is black-brownish in color and naturally formed by the long gradual decomposition of fossils of medicinal shrubs, roots, barks & plants with snow-melted mineral-rich waters of Himalayan glaciers. The majority of this crop is found in high-altitude mountains & rocks in the mighty Himalayas. The miracle resin had been considered a super-food for mankind for centuries.

Shilajit takes centuries to develop. Its a gummy, resin & tar-like natural substance found in cracks of remotely located rocks & caves in higher reaches mountainous belts of Himalayas, Karakoram mountainous reaches of Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, Mongolia & even North Indian territories like Ladakh, Kashmir & Uttrakhand.

Any meaningful benefit of consuming Shilajit?

Shilajit is known to significantly improve your vitality over a certain period of time if consumed in a systematic manner. It is an all-in-one perfect blend of essential nutrients that are important to restore your health especially in boosting lower or lost testosterone levels in men. Extraordinary components of shilajit play a vital role in transporting different essential substances to their cellular targets.

This natural resin is viewed as an adaptogen; a material that enhances endurance, strength & stamina. This magic herb is also good in dealing with diabetic matters & building muscle & strength. In ancient India, Shilajit was popular among Mughal kings who frequently used it to improve energy and vitality and maximize sexual performance. The ancient Hindu text Kama Sutra also significantly refers to the use of Shilajit. The Sherpas & Gorkhas claim to have shilajit as part of their diet; they constitute a population of strong men with very high levels of healthy longevity.

It has significant benefits for both men as well as women.

Shilajit plays a big role in making the male reproductive system stronger. It essentially provides a healthier libido and thereby helps him avoid any instances of impotency.

Indian Ayurveda also claims shilajit as nectar for a youthful and zestful life. It is able to peak libido in both sexes. Around the world, it is extensively used these days for treating sexual problems such as premature ejaculation, impotency, low sperm count, and erectile dysfunction which are common among working men. It is often called “Indian Viagra” due to its ability to achieve a balance in the sex hormones and make them function in a proper manner.  

Is there any side-effect in regular consumption of Shilajit?

Shilajit is a natural mineral clay that occurs on its own in upper Himalayan reaches. It is a completely natural substance. Although few people who are already on medications have experienced certain side effects after consuming it for a long period of time. Due to its high pungency & concentrated minerals & humic acid content, the inaccurate dosage of Shilajit may lower blood pressure, which can be dangerous for people on high blood pressure medications. People with active heart disease or with a history of hypotension should be careful and more likely to avoid taking Shilajit to prevent a drop in blood pressure. It’s better to cult your physician before deciding its consumption quantity & frequency on your own.

What is the dosage & How to consume Shilajit?

Natural Shilajit was taken with hot milk or with some ghee to deliver strength & energy to the body. Some physicians & experts recommend dissolving it with hot beverages, tea, coffee, or warm milk and also non-chlorinated water. It can be dissolved well in hot water and consumed directly as well.

Nutritional Information and Natural Composition of Shilajit

  • Composed of over 85 essential minerals & rare micro-nutrients
  • Fulvic acid (about 60% to 80%)
  • Humic acid (about 20%)
  • Aromatic carboxylic acids
  • Phenolic lipids 
  • Triterpenes
  • Dibenzo-α-pyrones
  • Various trace elements like selenium in most natural form

Royale Organics is a popular brand sustainably procuring Original Shilajit from difficult-to-reach mountain ranges of Trans-Himalayas & Karakoram. We have a wide variety of molten, liquid & powdered shilajit certified from Govt approved sophisticated laboratories. Our product passes through almost all stringent orthodox & modern test procedures. We work directly with long-time trusted suppliers in the Rocky Mountains, so can be extra confident in the product’s authenticity. Each new batch goes through vigorous testing to ensure the product’s purity before being processed & packed at an FDA-certified facility. 

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